As a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fork understand the power of food during a trying time. Our daughter was born 10 weeks early with a congenital heart defect and we spent 4 months of the first year of her life in hospital rooms, eating take out food. The occasional home cooked meal renewed our strength and brought us back to center. And the healing power of a meal to do that stuck with us long after we left the hospital.

We are so excited to launch a new project we are calling "The Forks Feed Back". Every month we will reach out to our social media followers on Facebook and Instagram and ask them to nominate anyone that they think is in need for that month. It could be someone that is going through a loss, or healing and adjusting with a new baby, or even something as simple as an overwhelmed mama that deserves a little break. We will choose one person/family each month and deliver 3 dinners to their door so that they don't have to worry about cooking for a week.

While what we are doing is not groundbreaking, we hope to just bring a little relief where it's needed each month. We hope you'll follow our journey with the hashtag #TheForksFeedBack and help us find deserving people each month in the Orange County and LA area.