As a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fork understand the power of food during a trying time. Our daughter was born 10 weeks early with a congenital heart defect and we spend a ton of time in and out of the hospital eating take out food. The occasional home cooked meal renews our strength and brings us back to center. And the healing power of a meal to do that has stuck with us long after we leave our time in the hospital.

We are so excited to include our project "The Forks Feed Back" into what we are doing here at Fork in the Road. This project has morphed over the years from one thing into another, but has always been founded on the idea that food has the ability to nourish a broken soul. We are currently "feeding back" by investing in our homeless friends on Skid Row once a month. The last Saturday of each month we cook a chef-driven breakfast and spend time eating it WITH them. Our hope is that, through our food and the time we spend with them, these friends feel seen and worthy of our time and investment in their lives.

While what we are doing is not groundbreaking, we hope to just bring a little relief where it's needed each month. We hope you'll follow our journey with the hashtag #TheForksFeedBack.